Type 2 diabetes is at the center of chronic, diet-driven disease

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Meet Dr. Schierer

Dr. Ted Schierer is the founder of JETT PHC, an organization that uses functional medicine nutrition to help people with pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and diabetes-related, diet-driven disease. He was a USDA biologist for 10 years before leaving to start JETT. He attended Iowa State University for his undergraduate degree in ecology and Ph.D. in molecular biology. He has authored two books. Everyone Needs Sustainability explains how holistic wellness and community service can create more sustainable communities. Living in Reverse describes how reversing type 2 diabetes and obesity, the centers of chronic disease, can prevent or reverse a series of diet-driven chronic diseases, create healthy, more sustainable lives and more sustainable communities.


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Recipes that facilitate prediabetes and type 2 diabetes reversal are available with each health coaching program