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1/2 day, 1 day and 2 day workshops can be customized to your workplace needs. Email Dr. Schierer at to set up a consultation to outline your workplace or organizational needs and set up a workshop agenda. Sample agendas are available.


I am Paul and I have a family history of diabetes with a grandfather and mother that were type two diabetic. I've been prediabetic for over five years and I've been actively working to reverse my pre-diabetic condition for almost 3 years. I've had great successes and some minor setbacks over the course of my journey. During that time I met Ted Schierer and decided to enroll in the JETTphc program. Over the course of instruction I gained significant knowledge about diabetes and its effects on the body, having maybe known only 30% of the material prior to the course. The JETTphc program is well researched and backed up with data, case studies and other acknowledged sources. The review of seven areas of health provides a holistic approach to diabetic recovery and the material presented provides a plan of action for long-term results for wellness and continued growth as well as an opportunity to address sustainability of healthcare/welfare issues for future generations.


Des Moines, IA

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