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Fresh Berries Milkshake

Core Recipes

Core recipes for breakfast, lunch and supper are the foundation of functional medicine based prevention and reversal of prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

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The Foundational Breakfast Smoothie is the best way to start your day for multiple reasons.

  • It provides the healthiest protein (nuts and seeds) rich in healthy omega-3 fats to satiate your cravings for hours.

  • High fiber, healthy fat, and healthy protein give you steady energy all day and prevent carb crashes.

  • Smoothies provide a way to get in 9-15 servings of a variety of greens, non-starch veggies and fruits loaded with phytonutrients which greatly reduce inflammation and balance blood sugar.

  • Try different fruits, spices and natural extracts to fine-tune the flavor to your exact tastes. The fruit turns bland vegetables into something very tasty so that you get the phytonutrients you need and the flavor you want.

  • Pre-chopping the veggies allows you to make the smoothie in 5-15 minutes

Swiss Chard

Eating a salad every day keeps your inflammation low and blood sugar balanced.

  • Add a variety of veggies to provide the fiber and phytonutrients. Rotating colors ensures you get all the phytonutrients your body and brain need.

  • Learn to create your own super nutritious salad dressings to your tastes.

  • Add berries to provide excellent flavor and brightness.

  • Add nuts and seeds for heathy protein and texture.

  • Pre-chopping the veggies allows you to make your salad in less than 15 minutes


Organic animal protein helps ensure that you get enough B vitamins and other nutrients.

  • Eating a variety of poultry, fish, and meat dishes adds taste, variety, macronutrient balance and essential amino acids to your diet.

  • Cooking veggies with healthy oils like avocado oil helps you get enough fat-soluble vitamins,



If you would a smoothie or cooking demo for your workplace or group, email a short summary of your request including total number of people and the type of information you need.


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