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Almost 50% of Americans are prediabetic (35-37%) or have type 2 diabetes (12-14%). Prediabetes and early stage type 2 diabetes resulting from diet and lifestyle are 100% reversible. The most important first steps in preventing or reversing these conditions are establishing control of cravings and losing weight.

  • 10 day sugar detox

    Long term craving control by replacing sugar and starch
    Valid for one week
    • Replace simple carbs with healthy fat & protein
    • Replace sugar & starch with healthy fruits & veggies
    • Guidesheets for each day of the detox process
    • Health coaching webinars on sugar detox process
    • Sugar detox recipes
    • Learn what foods help you detox
    • Learn how to maintain craving control
    • Learn how to increase the impact of your exercise program
    • Learn how to gain more control over your thoughts
  • Prediabetes reversal

    5 week program for reversing prediabetes
    Valid for 5 weeks
    • Learn how to clean out and restock your kitchen
    • Learn what carbs, fat and protein to eat
    • Set SMART goals for diet and lifestyle
    • Learn how to maintain weight loss
    • Webinars and app: Living in Reverse prediabetes reversal
    • Learn how to shop, cook and prep healthy food stocks
    • Learn what wellness tests to order
    • Learn how to maintain physical and non-physical health
  • Early stage T2D

    10 week program for reversing diet-driven type 2 diabetes
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Understand the impact of culture on diabetes and obesity
    • Understand different processes for diabetes reversal
    • Learn how to simplify your diet & lifestyle to reverse T2D
    • Learn how to boost physical health with non-physical health
    • Use workplace wellness to support your recovery
    • Learn how to maintain your own recovery by helping others
    • 25% savings built in