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America's diabetes epidemic 

US Type 2 diabetes:  1988 / 8.8%    2018 / 14.4%  63% increase

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According to the 2020 CDC National Diabetes Statistics Report, about 47% of Americans have pre-diabetes or diabetes (2013-2016). Some regions of the US already have up to 33% type 2 diabetics, the rate forecast by the CDC for the entire country for 2050. Diabetes is much more costly than obesity alone. Most obese individuals do not acquire type 2 diabetes. If diabetes is allowed to progress to late stages, it leads to kidney failure, amputations, blindness and severe coronary artery disease. As a result, diabetes places a greater burden on individuals and the healthcare system than any other major chronic disease. Taken together, these disease relationships and statistics make type 2 diabetes the top healthcare issue due to it's central role in facilitating several other major chronic, diet-driven diseases.


The growth in type 2 diabetes reflects the same growth pattern as the changes in obesity since the early 1980s because diabetes and obesity reinforce each other. The CDC's prediction for 2050 is accurate unless Americans begin adopting diet and lifestyle changes at a population scale. JETT PHC has coaching programs based on functional medicine for reversal of pre-diabetes (ie. prevention of type 2 diabetes) and reversal of type 2 diabetes in collaboration with a physician.


Contact Dr. Schierer at for questions regarding services or to sign up for a health coaching program or workshop. You can also signup for a health coaching program or workshop online.

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