Dr. Schierer was trained as a molecular biologist at Iowa State University and worked for USDA. He decided to begin a functional medicine health coaching certification program to help people prevent or reverse diabetes and obesity: the centers of chronic disease. Functional medicine also improved several areas of his own health.

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Functional medicine has helped me resolve several long-term health issues. Like most Americans, I grew up eating a high sugar, high starch diet, low fat diet thinking it was healthy. I could never get my blood sugar down where I wanted it and didn't know why. I had carb crashes in the morning and afternoon so intense that I could hardly think. Functional medicine stabilized my blood sugar, my energy and my mind. I had several other health issues but there isn't room to go into them all. I will mention one more. There was profound improvement in my immune function. I used to get very sick for a month in the spring and another month in the fall. The acute phase of infection and congestion would last 1-2 weeks. I had so much congestion that I could barely breath, my throat was on fire and my ears were constantly plugged with wax. The recovery period would take another 1-2 weeks. I thought this was normal illness that comes with the change of the seasons in the upper midwest! After adopting a functional medicine diet and lifestyle, I rarely get sick and when I do, I recover within a few days. My ear wax cleared up too.


Functional medicine practitioners and health coaches have discovered over the last 10-15 years that pre-diabetes and early stage type 2 diabetes can be easily reversed in most people. Prediabetes induced by diet and lifestyle is 100% reversible. Early stage type 2 diabetes is also highly reversible. If you are prediabetic, JETT PHC health coaching programs can help make sure you never advance to type 2 diabetes. If you have type 2 diabetes induced by diet and lifestyle, JETT PHC can work with your physician to help you reverse diabetes and stay reversed.

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